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Welcome to BBN, your hub for the hottest news about ongoing projects, upcoming events and scientific breakthroughs! Our only concern is to keep you up to date with all the latest trends in the biotechnology arena, reporting on important topics that deserve your time and attention.
Biotechnology Biobusiness News (BBN) is keenly following and republishing news from all around the world, but we remain primarily focused on the geographic region of Central and Eastern Europe. Our regional scope is intended to empower us for in-depth reporting on a limited number of issues rather than attempt to elaborate on every single story that hits the internet, which would be impossible given our limited resources. Since scientists from different countries are working more and more in international teams, we still have a lot of grounds to cover and plenty of pioneering efforts to write about.
It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that biotechnology is one of the fastest growing industries right now, as the rate for discovery of new substances has greatly increased in recent years. BBN tries to stay ahead of the wave of innovation by partnering with research and development organizations such as EuChemicals that utilize modern information technology to facilitate sharing of specialist knowledge. In this way, we want to maintain contacts with business leaders of the new generation and ensure we will stay relevant in the face of the changes that lie ahead.One of which changes has been the vast development of modern style online order fulfilment services, offering cheap generic medication. Although many types of medication have long been sought after online, such as statins, antivirals, and sexual health drugs, newer cognitive enhancing drugs or “smart drugs” have become available from sites such as www.modapharma.com. These online fulfilment shops offer drugs such as Modafinil or Tianeptine (Stablon) via sites like this. which have seen a huge rise in popularity, leading to an interesting niche market for BBN to study and collaborate with.
It is our sincere hope that news and announcements posted by BBN website will provide our visitors with a shortcut to success in the brave new world of biotechnological research.


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